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As energy demand and generation capacity continue to grow, utilities are looking for distribution switching systems that are reliable, resilient, and efficient.  When used with smart and flexible controls they can minimize the load under outage conditions and maximize their system uptime.

The Scada-Mate SD Switching System with an S&C 6801 Automatic Switch Control can meet these technical, operational, and economic challenges. The switching system includes vacuum interrupting technology, has no greenhouse gas and is totally environmentally friendly.

The three-pole operated Scada-Mate SD Switching System is designed for overhead distributed automation and to operate in 14.4-kV and 25-kV power distribution systems. It is rated 900 amperes continuous and interrupting and features peak withstand of 41,600 amperes. It has a five-time duty-cycle fault-closing rating of 12,500 amperes RMS symmetrical.